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The Issues

Today's developers are faced not only with traditional architectural and engineering concerns, but also with a number of highly complex scientific and technical environmental issues relating to site contamination.

The increased awareness of the environmental liabilities in land development has resulted in the generation of a large number of vendor-initiated environmental studies used to assist in selling properties with an environmental history. In fact, a single site may have been studied several times with each assessment being completed for a different reason.

Green-Tech offers a forensic investigative service to review historic engineering studies. We will distil the data in these reports and highlight relevant purchasor-related concerns in a concise summary report.

The objective of this service clearly identify information that is representative of the soil and/or groundwater systems found on site. This information is then evaluated with respect to our client’s specific development plan.

Green-Tech can reduce this information into a simple custom report including, if necessary, a list of unanswered questions related to the environmental condition of the property.

The Implications

To work effectively within the many regulatory guidelines, developers must balance a number of economic, scientific, technical, ecological and aesthetic concerns.

Green-Tech can assist developers, planners and municipalities by assessing historic environmental reports and separating fact from fiction.

Specific services include:

  • Concise summary reports to highlight issues from the purchasor’s perspective with regard to contaminant identification and delineation
  • Soils suitability analyses for use as fill, for off-site disposal of excavated material and other factors affecting development potential
  • Property evaluations to define or assess potential environmental contamination from previous land uses or waste disposal practices
  • Hydrologic and ground water quality studies to verify prior environmental findings
  • Negotiation of site clean-up requirements and purchasor indemnification

How Green-Tech Can Help

Since previous environmental studies have been initiated by someone other that the purchasor, the reports may or may not contain useful information related to a specific development plan. Green-Tech's approach to project planning and land development enables the developer draw upon our expertise to interpret these prior studies and to apply the findings to our client’s intended use of the property.

Our staff supplements your team by providing the necessary range experience required to develop comprehensive land use strategies.

Our professional staff has participated in numerous studies relating to site and project feasibility evaluations; evaluation of environmental regulations, statutes, and legislative mandates; permit preparation; and regulatory agency negotiations


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