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The Issues

Environmental issues were once thought to be apart from mainstream business concerns, and often considered solely in an adversarial context (such as minimum compliance requirements). Now corporate environmental performance is being judged by consumers, investors and employees beyond mere compliance with environmental laws.

Green Technology in now considered a necessary strategic business element, critical to the success of any major undertaking.

The Implications

This Green Technology Update features products and programs developed through environmentally and socially responsible activities. We're proud to be working with corporations across Canada in their efforts to achieve environmentally and socially acceptable levels of air emissions. Industry and Government must now work together to give this same high priority to ongoing air quality assessments, thus ensuring both community health protection and minimizing liability in the long term.

In the United States, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency has recently encouraged states to develop programs to control toxic air pollutants. The institution of these formal state air toxin programs and annual reporting requirements under these systems have made emissions data readily available and have sensitized the public, government and industry to the potential health effects of exposure to toxic chemicals in the air we breathe.

Our Green Technology programs include the implementation of innovative management systems, including Life-Cycle Assessment, Total Quality Management, full-cost environmental accounting, risk assessment and risk management, internal auditing, public awareness, and community outreach. In this way, not only will regulatory compliance be ensured, but competitive advantages can also be realized.

Our Green-Technology air assessments include:

  • Regulatory impact analysis
  • Indoor air monitoring and stack sampling
  • Certificate of Approval (Air) applications
  • Pollutant dispersion modeling
  • Measurement of fugitive and point source volatile organic emissions
  • Evaluation of the performance of current environmental pollution control systems
  • Development of performance standards to meet the corporate and regulatory environmental objectives
  • Measurement of the results through a customized audit program
  • Implementation of environmental programs based on a measured performance
  • Development and implementation of programs for the continuous improvement against regulatory and corporate standards

How Green-Tech Can Help

Green-Tech is working with its clients to develop Green Technologies to help them remain environmentally sound and globally competitive.

Typical Green Technology benefits include:

  • An increased competitive advantage
  • Overall cost reduction, both short term and long term
  • Revenue/asset enhancement, improved public profile and improved investor confidence

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