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The Issues

Environmental legislative and regulatory constraints placed on corporations and public sector organizations are becoming increasingly complex. Effectively tracking legislation and new regulations is a significant management challenge.

  • Environmental legislation and regulations are changing continuously, making it difficult to manage their impact on operations.
  • Many organizations cannot afford to hire and maintain in-house environmental staff to monitor and analyze legislation.
  • The effect of environmental legislation and regulatory actions on long-range operations and budget planning activities is frequently overlooked.
  • Many organizations do not fully understand the impact that current or pending environmental legislation or regulatory actions can have on the current or future activities.
  • The web of Federal and Provincial regulation is becoming more complex and burdensome and can be a barrier to inter-Provincial operations.

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The Implications

Failure to understand and comply with environmental laws can expose corporations to significant health, criminal and financial risks.

  • If the potential impact of environmental legislation is unknown, major decisions may be made without essential information.
  • Corporations, as well as individual managers, can be prosecuted for civil and criminal acts for failing to comply with environmental regulations.
  • Unplanned compliance costs, legal fees, fines and clean-up costs can have a catastrophic impact on a corporation�s financial position.
  • Corporations are forced to take a reactive, rather than a proactive approach to complying with environmental regulations.
  • Early information regarding proposed legislation or changes to regulations may enable corporations to avoid new more onerous requirements.

How Green-Tech Can Help

Green-Tech has the resources, experience and technical knowledge to help corporations and public sector organizations manage the impact and risks associated with regulatory change.

  • knowledge of emerging regulations will help you make the necessary adjustments to build your competitive advantage.
  • By understanding and solving your environmental concerns, Green-Tech can help reduce your financial and legal risks.
  • We can assist with the integration of environmental data into your existing information systems to keep your management team abreast of current issues and trends.

Authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario